Rudrahp72’s Cool Games List for Attractive Androids, Part 1 : AndroidGaming

I made a post a while back dumping a list of games I felt were great, and worth people’s time(and money). However, many people pointed out that a simple list of names wasn’t going to help anything. They are right. So here;s the list again, this time with info.

fingerprint applock


Genre: Platformer

Price: Free with IAP

Pros: Excellent gameplay, great art design, great music, fun progression, IAPs are not needed at all. I love this game so much. It’s pretty much the pinnacle of Android gaming.

Cons: Uhh…. the ads, I guess? Seriously, this game is as close as you’re going to get to ‘perfect’ for a mobile game. I just wish there was a sequel.


Data Wing

Genre: Racer/ Puzzle

Price: Free, no IAP

Pros: Fantastic, touching story, slick gameplay, cool Tron-esque aesthetic. This is a labor of love by the dev, and it shows.

Cons: Learning curve is a bit steep. Also may bug out and crash.


Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition

Genre: Fighter/ RPG

Price: Paid, with IAP.($4.99 USD)

Pros: Slick fighting mechanics, interesting story, and badass soundtrack. They basically took the free game, removed some grindiness, added extra story. A good deal, especially considering that the sequel is trash.

Cons: There’s STILL IAP, though it’s not really needed. There’s also no multiplayer component, like the free game.


Sky Force Reloaded

Genre: Top down shooter/ Bullet Hell

Price: Free with IAP

Pros: This game makes grinding for money fun. That’s how good the gameplay is. Add a dance-worthy soundtrack, excellent replay value, and pretty graphics into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Cons: The grinding might be fun, but there’s a LOT of it. There’s a bajillion upgrades, and you need them all to fully beat the game.


Sword of Xolan

Genre: Platformer

Price: Free with IAP

Pros: Nice, retro art style. Gameplay feels satisfying, and the level design is good, with secrets and occasionally multiple paths.

Cons: The game can get unreasonably hard. The difficulty suddenly spikes for a certain section in some levels.


Boson X

Genre: Runner.(kinda endless)

Price: Paid, no IAP($2.99 USD)

Pros: No powerups. No RNG. Just you, your reflexes, and the bomb-ass soundtrack against 18 increasingly difficult levels.

Cons: Hair-tearingly, Soul-crushingly difficult.


Alto’s Adventure

Genre: Endless Runner

Price: Free with IAP

Pros: Soothing, charming music and artstyle. Simple, intuitive gameplay. Good for when you just want to relax.

Cons: The grindiness that’s inherent to the genre.


Sorcery! Series


Price:Paid, no IAPs($4.99 USD each)

Pros: Excellent story, unique combat system, choices matter, making it replayable, each game builds upon the last, allowing for one continuous run across all of them.

Cons: The papercut art, and stilted animation isn’t for everyone. The lack of a full soundtrack can also get disconcerting.



Genre: Endless Runner/Puzzle

Price: Free with IAP

Pros: A unique take on endless runners- you must solve puzzles increasingly faster to save your dude, and there are even puzzle bossfights. The calm soundtrack also helps in achieving a zen-like state. Example of IAPs done right- All cosmetic, no gameplay boosts.

Cons:RNG can fuck you over baaaad.



Genre: Strategy/RPG

Price: Free, no IAP

Pros: Very, very good combat system. A weak party can defeat a stronger foe through clever tactics- mindlessly grinding to upgrade is rarely necessary. Also, the handdrawn-esque art style is cute.

Cons: Learning curve very steep. Some mechanics simply aren’t explained to you, and you have to figure it out on your own.


Dash Quest

Genre: Runner/RPG

Price: Free with IAP

Pros: Very reminiscent of a SNES RPG- artstyle, music, even part of the gameplay. Very enjoyable, with a decent range of verying equipment to use, enemies to fight, and zones to explore. Even has minigames.

Cons: Again, grinding. It’s always grinding. Never lupus, though.



Genre: Strategy

Price: Free with IAP

Pros: Very cool little strategy game. App is tiny, artstyle is simple but effective, and combat always comes down to being smart.

Cons: The one thing holding this game back forma top rating is the god-awful energy system. Okay, I get it, it’s a free game, you want people to artificially lengthen play time to show more ads, but how did you end up with a system more obnoxious than the ones in gacha games?



Genre: Endless….. Combat? Not quite sure how to classify this.

Price: Free with IAP

Pros: Multiple characters, each with their own unique gameplay spin. Simple, intuitive controls. Cute chibi pixel art style. Energetic soundtrack.

Cons: ♫ All around me is familiar grinding, so much grinding, only grinding…♫


The Fancy Pants Adventures

Genre: Platformer

Price: Free with IAP

Pros: It’s Mutha. Fuckin. Fancy Pants. Even has the original flash game trilogy as unlockables. (If you don’t know what Fancy Pants is, go play the flash games right now. You won’t regret it.)

Cons: Gamepllay-boost IAPs. Why? You were so close to surpassing Swordigo as THE perfect mobile game!


The Bard’s Tale

Genre: RPG/ Adventure

Price:Paid, with IAP($2.99 USD)

Pros: Originally a PC game, it was ported over to mobile, and thus features some bells and whistles usually missing from mobile games- full voice acting, fancy graphics, branching paths. The dialog is sharp and witty, the gameplay fun, and as a bonus, has the original DOS Bard’s Tale trilogy as an unlock.

Cons: Don’t remember what the IAP was for, but it doesn’t need them, I’m sure.


Kingdom Rush series

Genre: Strategy/Tower defense

Price: Paid(except for the first game, which is free with IAP)

Pros: Cute art style, amazing music, satisfying levels which have multiple viable win layouts, slight replay value

Cons: Well….. the IAP, really. Characters are sometimes locked behind paywall, and there’s gameplay boost stuff as well.


Upgrade the Game 2

Genre: ????????

Price: Free, no IAP

Pros: The whole concept is, you start with something that looks like someone had a seizure in MS Paint, and through playing a minigame, you earn money to upgrade everyhting- menus, graphics, sound effects, the minigame itself, into something acceptable.

Cons: You need dedication. You’ll be playing a long, long time to upgrade everything to it’s highest levels.


Bitcoin Billionaire

Genre: Idle Clicker

Price: Free, with IAP

Pros: I hate idle clickers. They’re the bane of mobile gaming. At least gacha games give you waifus(or husbandos). This one is an exception. It’s witty. It’s self-aware. It attempts to vary the boring nature of the clicker genre. It lets you earn the premium currency at a limited rate as opposed to juts buying it. Okay, it’s not overly unique over other idle games, I just like this one.

Cons: For all it’s good points,it’s still a clicker. A grindfest. And IAPs galore.


That’s all for now, folks. Keep an eye out for when I next update? I’m your host, Rudrahp72, and I’ll see you next time on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Rudrahp72’s Cool Games List for Attractive Androids!

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