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So, the title don’t lie, Mirkowanie is not a normal game, it’s, hm, I don’t know, one day I couldn’t sleep at 4AM, I wanted to make a some crazy game, and I come into idea, of making game about… Website, yes.

fingerprint applock

My game is about polish website “Wykot”, it’s something like Reddit (but less intelligent, can damage your brain, more fun). It’s just specific place with a unique community, just people create on it content + share content.

So what we can do in “Mirkowanie”?:

  • Delete account (Prestige, but it only reset shop upgrades, everything else stay).
  • Buy upgrades.
  • Do risiky actions (xx% chance to win 2x attention, xx% chance to lose all)
  • Study (funny texts)
  • Take various decisions (let’s say, there is question and yes/no, and 1 from 20 things can happen :-}).
  • Collect various medals, lenny faces
  • And most important, game is itself is whole parody, parody for polish internet/Wykot website and other things.
  • And a lot more :-}

So I was developing this game, because I wanted to have community do something fun + also game got education purpose. I’m 19, i threat gamedev as a hobby, game don’t got IAP, got made with $0 budget 🙁


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