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I’ve been using an LG G5 for over a year now and by far my favorite thing about the phone is the removable battery. Yes, people scoff at the idea nowadays but, it’s really made my mobile gaming experience 100x better.

Along with my removable battery, I’ve also got a second battery pack as well as a battery charger. Because of this, I can’t remember the last time I’ve needed to plug my phone into a charger. Before my G5, I would game until my battery was low, and then continue playing with my phone plugged into a charger. Now, I can just swap it out for a full battery and continue playing, untethered to the wall socket and able to game with complete freedom while my other battery is charging.

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Looking at the current market, pretty much NO smartphone comes with this feature. I’ve been a bit worried about what I’d do once my G5 runs its course and I have to get a new phone.

Do you guys use smartphones with removable batteries? I’d love some suggestions for new, powerful phones with this feature. Also wondering how you guys feel about removable batteries in general. People tell me how it’s unhandy to have to power off the phone and swap out the battery everytime it gets low but I really can’t imagine losing all the freedom that comes with never having to directly charge your phone. Thoughts?

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