Downloaded Fling Fighters over the weekend and here is my short review of it : AndroidGaming

Was searching for a game that I can play with my son. We enjoyed Super Smash Bros. When I see Fling Fighters and the fact that it has PVP mode, I decided to give it a try.

The game started out fun. You fling whatever item you are holding (different character hold different items) and just throw it to hit your enemy. Your throw is guided by an ever-changing guided dotted line.

However, the game quickly becomes quite tedious. True that you can unlock characters, however, these characters do not provide much variety in terms of gameplay wise. Those that I have unlocked follow the same mechanic.

fingerprint applock

Then it gets worse, if you’d like to upgrade your character, it will cost premium currency which they don’t give too much either. At the very least, I would expect an option to upgrade with soft currency + time.

The game also has ads after several battles.

All in all, it is enjoyable in the beginning, but quickly becomes stale after a few hours.

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