DC Unchained is out in Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong

DC Unchained Android

DC’s answer to Marvel Future FightDC Unchained, has just launched on Android in Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong. This serves as the game’s closed beta, effectively a soft launch.

Like Future Fight before it, DC Unchained is a hero collecting hack and slasher. Where it differs though, is with the DC licence. Forget about Spiderman and Iron Man and instead play as Batman or Superman.

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DC Unchained is out now in Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong

In fact, you can choose to play as the super heroes that make up the Justice League, or you can go for super villains instead. How do you fancy playing as the Joker or Harley Quinn instead?

Whatever you choose, there’s a whole host of content here. You’ll beat up foes in real time, learn more about your heroes (or villains) in side quests, and collect a lot of characters.

If that sounds like your cup of tea and you live in one of the three participating territories, grab DC Unchained on Google Play right now.

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