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I know there have been other posts about of this game, but I really want the game to keep growing, and I’d love to help! This is easily one of my new favorite card games.
– This is definitely one of the most generous card games I’ve ever played. You get a free pack a day just for winning your first Casual or Ranked match. Every day. For free. Even if you are very casual (as I tend to be) and can only commit 30 minutes to playing, you still have access to get cards. This is my favorite aspect of this game.

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– If you have a background in Magic the Gathering, this is a great digital game for you. Many of the same concepts from Magic translate to this seemlessly, like Flying units, Lifesteal (Lifelink), Endurance (Vigilance), being able to interact with your opponent on their turn, building a deck with up to 5 different colors, choosing blockers, etc.
– Ignore the “Early Access” stigma; this is a complete, and rather well-balanced card game. I’m coming from Hearthstone, where I’ve spent far too much money on a game that is constantly out of balance and requires a large amount of playtime for you to remain relevant.
– Games are relatively fast-paced.
– New content is being developed constantly and cards are frequently balanced, if necessary.
– They have in-game events on weekends about every 2-3 weeks. These events generally have special rules and fun aspects.
– You can play against the computer endlessly for actual rewards (Gauntlet). These rewards are not huge, but it’s free, it’s not timed, so you can play at your own pace, and it can actually be a real challenge.
– The community is growing. It has an active sub (/r/EternalCardGame) and other places, and is generally healthy, not toxic.
– Game is available to play on both mobile and Steam!
(It’s also on iPhones, so invite your friends there, too.)
– There are in-game rewards for gaining “faction experience”. As you play a color, you get experience in that color and earn rewards.
– You can still be successful with a deck that isn’t “the best”. The meta is relatively diverse, which is refreshing.

– The biggest con is the introduction. The introduction, as others have said, is far too long. If it takes the average player to get through it in 60 minutes, that’s a bit high. Once you do, it’s worth it, but I’ve had friends give up because they put off by this.
– I’m not big on Drafting, but I can see being annoyed with aspects of it. The cost to draft is a bit high for a casual player. In addition, the newest set should be standing out a bit more in Draft, and the first two packs, not the first and third. There are synergies that are better served by making these decisions together.
– I’d like to be able to mulligan my starting hand more than once, with a penalty, like in Magic. Currently, mulliganing a bad hand to get another bad hand just feels terrible.
– I wish the cards had set icons. You can’t tell what card is in what set unless you are in the card library.
– Spend more on advertising! This game deserves to be HUGE.

My pros definitely outweigh my cons. Give it a try and help us make this game huge! If you consider playing, please use my referral link:

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