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Fingerprint AppLock: Protect Important Apps with This Reliable App Lock

Who wouldn’t want to protect important information saved on phones? Obviously, everyone wants the safety of their device, especially when one has saved some important information in the notes or some other app on the phone. So, getting a proper security lock is very important.


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Amidst all app locks, Fingerprint AppLock is the most reliable one. Now you have the perfect remedy to protect all apps. It lets you have proper locks along with passwords on almost all the apps, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and gallery. It helps in preventing all apps from getting exposed by snoopers as well. Fingerprint AppLock will not only help you with locking the apps, but also catches all the invaders by capturing a picture. You can’t get such an advanced app anywhere else.

Astounding Features

Discussed below are some of the amazing apps of Fingerprint AppLock:

  • Sends Alerts about Strangers Trying to Access Your Phone

This app amazingly saves the phone from strangers. If any unknown person takes your phone or steals it and tries to unlock it, then this outstanding app will alert you. It will send you an email on the spot by capturing the picture of the person using the phone with vague intentions.

  • Solid Protection for Apps

You can maintain your privacy and protect the app by locking your device. You will not need any extra protective app if you have this app on your device.

  • Fingerprint Protection

With fingerprint sensors, it gives powerful protection and strong support too. In this way, you will get complete safety for your phone.

  • Fake Lock Feature

This app will permit to lock the device if it gets a fake error window. And, the most important aspect is that you can hide this from everyone.

  • Pattern

The size of the scalable pattern is 18×18, as compared to the earlier one at just 3×3. So, there are extremely fewer chances of guessing the pattern.

  • Get a Smart Lock

When the device gets connected to a particular Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, for some time or decided time period, it will get auto-locked.

  • Multiple Passwords

If you want extreme protection, then you can even set different passwords for different apps. In this way, by setting multiple passwords, the safety also raises multifold.

  • Lock with the Help of Remote

By just sending an SMS, you can easily unlock or lock the device. Rarely, you will get this exquisite feature in any other app.

  • Home Screen Lock

Rather than just resorting to home screen lock of the system, you can use Fingerprint AppLock and lock the phone.

  • Screen Lock

It bars the screen from getting locked when some apps are in use and also any interruption in the working.

  • User Setup Display Image

This app is peerless to others. By using display pictures of user setup, you can lock the device.

  • Support for All Locks

You can use PIN lock or pattern lock depending upon your preference.

  • Protect Privacy

Along with providing abundant options, it can lock your privacy and in this way, you can even protect settings, gallery, calls etc.

  • No Worries Now

Whether your colleague has taken your phone or your friend has taken it for some time, you don’t have to worry. All the private data is completely safe and no one can access it in any way.

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Not only these, Fingerprint AppLock amazes with its extraordinary functionalities also. All the new apps being installed on your device will get complete protection as Fingerprint AppLock has auto lock feature. It will protect any app automatically whenever it gets installed. Even incoming and outgoing calls, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi get the perfect support via it.

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If you have forgotten the password, then you can reset it as well, but you have to pass few steps so that the app can confirm that it is you and not an invader. In this case, it is necessary that you have set a security Q&A or Gmail account properly so that password recovery process can go on smoothly. If you ever want to uninstall, then you can do it by firstly disabling ‘Uninstallation prevention’. After that, you can uninstall it.

With all the features that it has, Fingerprint AppLock is certainly the best security option for smartphone users.

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